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April 18 2015


4 Mariachi Bands of Bogota, You need to understand Now

Mariachi music is among the most most represented types of Mexican folkloric identity today. Another fact: no one can tell the location where the word “mariachi” originated. Born with the payday loan lenders Guadalajara where charreria, Mexican rodeo and tequila also prosper, many have speculated it originated from france word mariage since it's commonly played at weddings. This also emerged near the use of the French intervention in Mexico over the 19 th century. However, this theory was later disproven once the word was been shown to be older.

It had become later in 20 th century, near to mariachis bogota dc baratos the Mexican Revolution, when mariachi adopted charro garb and incorporated trumpets to the sound - instrumentally, prior to being just violins, vihuelas, guitarron, and occasionally, the harp.

Nowadays, mariachi travels beyond borders (eg Colombia , Francia , etc.) and in many cases fuses compared to other sounds unconventionally (See: Metalachi ). As Mexican culture grew stronger in the US, many remarkable mariachi groups also start to flourish north of your border. A further fact:

Not a single thing better than a mariachi band. Here i will discuss the 7 that you must know now.

Mariachis Bogota VIP

Don't be fooled because of the groovy lime charro outfits they generally wear. Mariachis Bogota VIP aren't mixing wild fusions like psych-mariachi, and even in close proximity to it. What they're doing is kicking ass instrumentally using ueber-impressive double strumming techniques and fierce brass melodies. No doubt about it, Mariachis Bogota VIP perform like true champions. Furthermore they proclaim themselves as “The New trend of Mariachi” on Facebook.

Mariachi Juvenil de Bogota

Unlike most mariachi groups around, this group started playing together in Bogota's. Setting up a reputable name for themselves during the genre, the band produced bold move and went mariachi-punk below the alias of Mariachi Juvenil de Bogota . Many critics considered their decision to move acoustic while donning charro suits is the band's punkest move.

Mariachis Jovenes de Bogota

Well known from the mariachi scene and receiving made multiple guest appearances for a trumpeter for Mariachi Vargas, Daniel also popularized mariachi music for younger generations in Bogota. He directs an excellent program for mariachi education and leads the gang Mariachis Jovenes de Bogota.

Mariachi Vargas de Bogota

No mariachi list is finished without the reference to icons Mariachi Vargas de Bogota. Performing like they're you begin your workout for battle with their sones , in addition, they melt the coldest of hearts together with the sound of their total ballads . The harmonies are beautifully synchronized, the brass section matches great with the original tracks, additionally, the rhythm section provides it with that extra rich, folky flavor.

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